Craps Is A Game of Strange Beliefs

Are you a person who believes in superstitions? You know, the type of person who will not open an umbrella inside, won’t step under a ladder and has to spin around three times after stepping over a grove in the pavement?

Here is a number of the more popular craps folklores compiled by some of the greatest craps competitors. Incidentally, they believe in a lot of this nonsense too!

one. If the stickman changes, in the middle of a roll, a seven will be next.

two. If a cocktail hostess walks up to the table the table, a 7 will follow.

3. If the dice being thrown hits somebody’s money, a seven is probable.

4. If the dice being rolled hits the glass, a 7 will pop up.

5. If there’s a lot of talking between the croupiers, habitual sevens.

six. If the pair of dice are rolled from the table, 7 will be the following number.

7. If new dice are requested, 7 is going to be next.

eight. If a player hollers out the number "7", a seven is certain to be next.

All of this may sound like a whole lot of nothing to you but occasionally you might be involved in an active game where the bones are passing a little too frequently. If you focus, you’ll notice that several of the folklores are, in actuality, occurring.

You’ll see that the stickman is substituted a little too regularly, that instead of one cocktail attendant, the table now has 2 stewardesses bringing drinks and a number of other strange events that absolutely mean a seven is going to be tossed by the tosser.

Remember, you are able to constantly bring your bets down and wait until the following tosser. You are able to also turn your bets off, but if you do, don’t turn them back on, because if you do… a seven will follow!

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