Be a Master of Craps – Tricks and Techniques: Do Not Throw in the Towel

Be cunning, wager cunning, and learn how to enjoy craps the proper way!

During your craps-wagering life, undoubtedly you’ll have more non-winning sessions than winners. Learn to live with it. You must learn to play in the real world, not dream land. Craps was created for the gambler to throw away their money.

Suppose, following a few hours, the dice have brought down your chip stack leaving only $20. You haven’t noticed an on fire toss in ages. Although not winning is just as much a part of the casino game as winning, you cannot help but feel bad. You think about why you ever came to Las Vegas in the 1st place. You attempted to be a rock for two hours, but it did not work. You are wanting to profit so acutely that you lose control of your clear thinking. You are down to your last $20 for the night and you contain little backbone remaining. Leave with your twenty dollars!

You must never give up, don’t ever accede, in no way think, "This sucks, I’m going to lay the rest on the Hard 4 and, if I don’t win, then I will say goodbye. However if I profit, I’ll be back at the start." That is the stupidest thing you are able to attempt at the end of a bad luck day.

If you insist on giving your money away, for heaven’s sake send it to your chosen charity. Do not bestow it to the gambling hall. A few times, you shall profit from one of those asinine bets, but do not dream you’ll earn sufficiently over time to conquer your squanderings.

Now you are aware! Keep it in mind, learn how to enjoy craps the correct way.

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